مدرسة الفنون والصنائع الإسلامية

مدرسة الفنون والصنائع الإسلامية

مدرسة الفنون والصنائع الإسلامية

Hello Familia

Meet the Explorer

Embark on an intimate journey into Rahalista's life, his origins, and how his love for travel and adventure led him to create his unique brand

Rahalista's Adventures

Discover the World with Me

Get lost in breathtaking landscapes, unique cultures, and unforgettable experiences as Rahalista takes you on a journey around the globe. Explore his extensive travel vlogs that break barriers, bring cultures closer, and inspire adventure. Join the 'Familia' on a quest to see the world through Rahalista's eyes.

Homeland Adventures

Exploring Libya with Rahalista

Journey through the mesmerizing landscapes and rich heritage of Rahalista's homeland, Libya. Discover its profound history, vibrant cultures, stunning landmarks, and enduring spirit through Rahalista's eyes.

Passport Pains

The Libyan Passport in a World of Borders

Explore the unique challenges and triumphs of globe-trotting with a Libyan passport through Rahalista's firsthand experiences. From visa complications to unexpected opportunities, this section dives into the reality of international travel as a Libyan citizen, and Rahalista's determination to turn every obstacle into an adventure.

A New Passport

A World of Possibilities

Rahalista shares the transformative moment of acquiring a new passport that unlocked a world previously inaccessible. His stories will inspire, teaching the importance of perseverance in overcoming limitations and viewing challenges as stepping stones towards broader horizons. This change didn't just allow Rahalista to travel farther and wider—it also opened up a wealth of opportunities for richer experiences, greater learnings, and more immersive cultural exchanges.

Experience the Richness of Diversity

Immersive Cultures

Embark on a journey with Rahalista, exploring diverse world cultures. From unique cuisines to vibrant traditions, this section celebrates global diversity through Rahalista's eyes.

Telling stories from around the world.

Telling stories from around the world.

Join Rahalista on YouTube

Join Rahalista on YouTube

Join Rahalista on YouTube