Day Starter


Application Design


3 Days



Start Date

Jan 7, 2022

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Day Starter

Tailoring Your Wake-Up Experience & Fostering Self-Reflection

DAy Starter Elevating Morning Routines and Harnessing Dream Insights" is an innovative mobile application designed with a focus on personalizing the alarm experience and encouraging dream journaling. Its intuitive user interface, coupled with features like customizable alarms and an integrated dream journal, helps users transform their wake-up routine into an insightful journey. Users can craft their alarms to match their waking preferences and seamlessly jot down their dreams upon waking, fostering better understanding and reflection on their subconscious thoughts

Problem Statement

For many people, the default alarm apps on their devices fail to provide an enriching start to the day. The lack of customization options and a holistic approach towards waking up leads to unpleasant mornings, and the absence of a dedicated platform to record dreams results in the loss of potentially insightful subconscious thoughts. The market needed an application that could combine both alarm functionality and dream recording features, while ensuring an easy, accessible and tailored wake-up experience.

Solution Statement

Enter DayStarter, a revolutionary alarm application that addresses the need for a highly personalized wake-up routine and an integrated platform for dream journaling. The application introduces an extensive set of customization options for alarms, allowing users to wake up in the way that best suits their needs and preferences. Furthermore, with the embedded dream journal, DayStarter encourages users to swiftly record their dreams upon waking, harnessing the fleeting insights from their subconscious. Through an intuitive and user-friendly design, the application ensures accessibility and ease of use, truly transforming the start of the day for its users.