Hatif Libya


Website Design


3 weeks



Start Date

Sep 5, 2023

No. of Screens


Revamping Hatif Libya

A UX-Driven Transformation

An exploration of the comprehensive UX redesign process for Hatif Libya's website, focusing on enhancing user interaction, improving accessibility, and introducing a contemporary aesthetic for a superior user experience.


The existing Hatif Libya website suffers from an outdated design and a complex user interface, making it difficult for users to navigate and access essential information. It lacks modern design elements and a coherent user experience strategy, leading to low user engagement and satisfaction.


The UX redesign employs user-centered design principles to simplify navigation, enhance content organization, and integrate contemporary design aesthetics. User research and testing guide the design process, ensuring the creation of intuitive user flows and accessible interface elements. This results in a streamlined and engaging user experience. The modernized design facilitates better communication of Hatif Libya's offerings and services, promoting improved user interaction and satisfaction.