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Product Design


2 years



Start Date

Jan 3, 2019

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Creating User-Centric Banking

The UI/UX Redesign of Libyan Islamic Bank ePortal

Embarking on a journey to redefine digital banking, this project involves the innovative redesign of the Libyan Islamic Bank ePortal. Focusing on enhancing user accessibility and ease-of-use, the redesign initiative aims to optimize the KYC (Know Your Customer) fields and significantly streamline the customer onboarding process. This customer-centric design endeavor ultimately aims to reduce time expenditures, increase client satisfaction, and propel the bank's digital services into a new era of user-friendly, intuitive banking experience.

Problem :

The existing Libyan Islamic Bank ePortal presented a significant barrier to customer onboarding, with a convoluted and time-consuming KYC process. Additionally, the portal's user interface was far from intuitive and accessible, leading to a subpar user experience and impacting the overall customer satisfaction.


Addressing these challenges, our proposed design approach involved a comprehensive reimagining of the ePortal. Key changes incorporated into the redesign include:

  1. Optimization of the KYC Process: To make customer onboarding more efficient and less time-consuming, the KYC fields were streamlined and simplified, without compromising the necessary security checks and customer verification procedures.

  2. Focus on Accessibility: The new design paid particular attention to enhancing accessibility, with the aim of making the portal easy to use for all users, regardless of their physical abilities or familiarity with digital banking.

  3. Enhanced User Experience: Drawing on the principles of user-centered design, the redesign process emphasized simplicity and intuitiveness. The ultimate aim was to reduce the time it takes for client onboarding and make the overall banking experience seamless and enjoyable for all customers.