University of Tripoli


Website Design


2 days



Start Date

Jul 20, 2022

No. of Screens


Digital Campus Evolution

A UX Redesign Journey for the University of Tripoli Website

This case study explores the transformation of the University of Tripoli's website, focusing on optimizing the user experience to facilitate easy access to information and resources.


The University of Tripoli's website was suffering from outdated design principles, resulting in an inconsistent user interface, poor navigation, and limited accessibility. This situation hindered the user's ability to locate important educational resources, negatively impacting the overall user experience and satisfaction.


We executed a comprehensive redesign of the website, utilizing modern UX/UI principles to create an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface. Key improvements included streamlined navigation, improved resource visibility, and enhanced accessibility to cater to a diverse user base. As a result, we were able to significantly improve the user experience, increasing overall satisfaction and engagement with the university's digital presence.